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Kunes Car Convos, Charley Co. Boxing Club

Kunes Auto Group Presents Car Convos: Carlos Cruz with Charley Co. Boxing Club

Published on Feb 16, 2024 by Matthew Kroll

Welcome back to another episode of Kunes Car Convos, Jonnathan Molero Arroyo of Sycamore Hyundai spoke with Carlos Cruz, co-founder of Charley Co. Boxing Club in Oswego, IL

In this Kunes Car Convo…


  • 3:00 - When did Charley Co. Boxing Club open?
  • 5:30 - Helping the community
  • 10:00 - The expectation isn’t to compete, it’s to get what you want out of it
  • 15:50 - Working on your confidence 
  • 20:00 - Communication is key
  • 28:00 - Not from the same cloth

From the Marines to a Boxing Club: The Story of Charley Co. Boxing Club

After serving in the Marine Corps for 10 years, Carlos Cruz, the co-founder of Charley Co. Boxing Club, returned with a strong desire to continue serving his community. He saw boxing and coaching as a natural progression of his commitment to service. Charley Co. began by offering classes, and through these early stages, Cruz honed his coaching skills. Over the past seven years, Charley Co. has experienced significant growth, thanks to Cruz's dedication and the supportive community around the boxing club.

What is your purpose?

Carlos shares that his favorite aspect of Charley Co. is witnessing the boxers' transformations over time. He observes them evolving from shy and introverted individuals into confident, articulate, and socially adept people thanks to Boxing.

The Fight Against Complacency

Carlos frequently applies the lessons he learned in the Marine Corps to his coaching, particularly the principle "complacency kills." He emphasizes the importance of always having a coach available to mentor the youth, ensuring their progress and development never become stagnant.

Refusing to Quit on Kids

Carlos recounts the story of a young kid who tends to be a troublemaker. He emphasizes his commitment to never giving up on this individual, understanding personally what it feels like to be abandoned. Carlos expresses a deep affection and dedication towards his fighters, steadfast in his resolve not to quit on them. He believes in the potential impact of his support, recognizing it could be the decisive factor in guiding a young person onto a better path.

Helpful Donations

Carlos shares stories of generosity from individuals both connected to and outside the Club that have contributed to its development. In one story, a woman visited the Club and offered to sponsor two children's membership fees for three months. Carlos allocated her donation to support children facing financial hardships. Another tale involves Evan, a professional fighter from the Club, who donated gear and requested Carlos to pass it on to the most diligent young boxer. Acts of kindness like these have played a significant role in the growth, enhancement, and expansion of Charley Co.

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